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Hi, I’m Coach Charles as seen on KTNV news. You can see a little of me in action in this youtube video clip taken by KTNV Channel 13, Las Vegas. Story lead is… Las Vegas locals and tourists brave the record tying heat.

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Climbing mountains as a way of living a healthy lifestyle – doing the work is the only guarantee of success!

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One of my undying passions is climbing mountains, and this is a perfect metaphor for a transformational life coach. Only you can get yourself to the mountain top you are climbing, but I can be your support, a friendly guide to encourage you, for getting back in shape, developing natural longevity, and achieving your personal growth goals.

I will give you powerful tools, including a healthy diet plan, stress relief techniques, healthy lifestyle habits, and much more to make the climb easier. Keep taking that next step. There is no feeling like getting to the top and seeing how far you’ve come!

I am someone who lives in a great state of health and wellness, I follow my life passion and am making a living doing it. I want the same for you. Whatever your goal is, I can help get you there!

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About Charles, your Life Coach

I take the profession of Life Coaching very seriously, because I want to make sure you get the results you are looking for. I have completed certification as a Life Coach, am committed to the ethical codes of Life Coaching, and am working on ongoing education to keep up with the latest developments in this field. However, while professional development is important, even more important to me is seeing real results with people I work with.

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I have worked in the charitable and corporate sectors. I am widely traveled and believe following your passion in life is the greatest thing you can do. To make a living at it, is even better.

I’ve written a number of books on self-help topics, and have an undying passion for living an inspired life full of health, wellness, adventure, and living your ideal life.

I have a deep desire to make a difference in the lives of others. This is a burning torch I have been carrying my entire working life that began in a small church over 30 years ago. I started my journey training as a pastor, I studied counselling and committed myself to my own personal growth. This was the beginning of my training as a life coach and mentor. This journey continues to this day.

Helping others help themselves – we are all champions!

I am now in my early fifties, and continue to work daily on living an inspired life. I recently completed a rim-to-rim hike of the Grand Canyon in one day. I play and compete regularly with men 30 years younger than me on the tennis court. I have been working part-time as a professional tennis trainer and coach for a decade.

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The most important thing I have learned over the years is to never under-estimate the power of helping change the life of another person. Growing and equipping others to do great things, to become a champion in their own life and achieve their dreams is the greatest reward for me.

About Life Coaching

One-on-one Life Coaching involves a commitment from both you and me, and takes place over an extended period of time, from weeks to months.

We will begin with an initial Discovery Session to discover your desired goals, strengths and talents to achieve your ideal life. We will work together on some very specific results that you will be excited about to achieve.

We then schedule 3 or 4 phone (or Skype/Google Hangout) sessions over a one month period. You will be given coursework to read, review, and tasks to complete to get you to your desired goal. The length of these sessions is typically 45 minutes to an hour. Some clients only need one month of this type of Life Coaching, and others require a number of months.

How long do I need Life Coaching?

You can begin Life Coaching with me in a number of different ways that suit your budget and schedule:

Short-term specific breakthrough Life Coaching

might require just a few sessions of coaching to get on the road to success. Someone who has a fairly straight-forward health and wellness goal such as getting more active, or getting a better diet plan working, might fit into this category.

Typically, short-term coaching can be completed in one month of three or four sessions.

Long-term specific breakthrough Life Coaching

is good for those who have reasons that require more time, such as breaking an addictive habit, or a professional goal, will require more sessions. A complete overall of diet and health would fit into this category, as would working on a career change, or working through some challenging relationship issues, might fit into this category.

Typically, long-term specific breakthrough coaching can be completed in a number of months or three of four sessions per month

Long-term general breakthrough Life Coaching

is good if you don’t have a specific breakthrough in mind, but have an overall vision of a different life that you want to achieve. People who want to work on issues of self-development, spiritual visions of a life purpose, well-being or inner peace, might want long term general breakthrough Life Coaching as part of their life to keep them accountable to a vision they have for their life.

Typically, long-term general breakthrough coaching is an ongoing commitment for at least 6 months to a year, with two or three sessions a month.

Categories of Life Coaching

Health and wellness Life Coaching

focused on areas such as optimal health with strategies for healthy eating habits and an active lifestyle, awareness of principles of nutrition, managing stress, achieving work-life balance, and creating plans for self-care.

Personal Development Life Coaching

 focused on areas such as exploring desires, strengths, weaknesses, devising ways to fulfill aspirations, for building self-confidence, time management, and improving social and professional relationships.

Business Life Coaching

assists business owners with a business vision, achieving goals, maintaining motivation, monitoring performance, strategies for growth, dealing with challenges, and managing stress.

Career Life Coaching

assess your suitability for different jobs, interventions for smooth transitions from one job to another, reentering the workforce after absence, assisting in career changes, and career growth and satisfaction.

Spiritual Life Coaching

help you explore your inner self, experience inner peace, contentment and wellbeing, and discover your life purpose.

Relationships Life Coaching

handling all forms of interpersonal connection from family, kin, friends, associates, and colleagues. Recognizing expectations and unfulfilled needs, finding fulfillment in relationships, or after end of relationship.

Reasons for getting Life Coaching

People come to Life Coaching for many reasons, maybe they are not getting the love, synergy and support in a personal relationship and want to turn it around. Maybe they are feeling stuck in a dead-end job and want to get their career on a better path. Maybe they feel their health and wellness is in flux, feeling depleted with no energy and want to get to a whole new level of vitality. These are just a few of the typical reasons, some more are:

Attain a goal that seems out of reach.

Learn to manage stress, and find more personal motivation.

Grow business or career, deal with career changes, relocation.

Deal with relationship challenges of work, family and other personal.

Improve motivation and quality of life.

To become self-aware, grow spiritually, discover life purpose, or find inner peace.

Build and renew identity, develop self-confidence, strengths and talents.

Improve health, overcome a health challenge, addictive habit, or low-energy lifestyle.


What is the history and development of Life Coaching?

Life Coaching originated in the 70s and 80s from the teachings of Benjamin Karter, football coach turned motivational speaker. Thomas Leonard gave it it’s present form of personal coaching. Main fields are Personal Development, Business, Career, Executive, Health and Wellness, Relationship and Spiritual.

What is the difference between Life Coaching and other related fields?

Life coaching is essentially about self-development and as such shares many commonalities with fields such as psychotherapy/counseling, consulting, and mentoring. They are all supportive in nature and support the individual to go from where they are to where they want to be. They all use techniques of questioning, listening, clarifying, reframing and providing feedback. They are all client-centered and emphasize a trust-based relationship.

One major difference with Life Coaching, is that unlike other fields, a life coach does not position themselves as superior to the client but as a partner and confidant. Another important difference is that Life Coaching focuses on positive strengths to achieve a goal and overcome obstacles, whereas psychotherapy for example delves into weaknesses, mental and emotional problems, in order to heal wounds and behavioral problems.

Note: life coaching and mentoring is not the same as therapy.

If you have an issue from your past that you need to resolve, have an addiction to drugs or alcohol, or have recently experienced trauma or loss, please seek the professional help of a qualified therapist or social worker.



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