Fitness trainer and Tennis Coach Charles, Las Vegas.

Hi, I’m Coach Charles as seen on KTNV news. You can see a little of me in action in this youtube video clip taken by KTNV Channel 13 Las Vegas news. Story lead is… Las Vegas locals and tourists brave the record tying heat.

coach Charles on KTNV

Tennis lessons with Charles-

I welcome all skill levels - beginners, intermediate, advanced.

I am a Certified Pro of USPTA (United States Professional Tennis Association)

Phone / Text: (702) 524-1266

My rates ... $30 hour

A one hour lesson will typically involve 20 minutes of technical work on whatever shots need work, the rest of the lesson would involve various drills to put the technique into game-like situations. I also like to add tips on mental and basic game strategy for a fun & winning game - let me show you how to best your dangerous opponent.

I like to see my students improve quickly with a strong focus on technique mixed in with strategy, rounded out with a fun workout playing live-ball game drills.

No matter if you play as a beginner for fun, or advanced competition, you'll always find yourself in very challenging situations.

I'll give you a healthy workout, that is fun, and advances your tennis skills whatever your playing level.

My lessons are a mix of technical fundamentals to last a lifetime, healthy workout and fun hitting. Most important I have a genuine love and enthusiasm for the game and I like to inspire in my students the same joy and enthusiasm as I feel it is the best recipe for not only a winning game, but an enjoyable experience.