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The books I have written for you are from my self-help series, Keys to a successful life and from my new series in the spiritual category, A journey into mystery.

In Keys to a successful life you will find books on:

Stress Management and personal motivation

break through your limits as you achieve your goals by learning to manage your stress levels, and develop your motivation and self-confidence.

Health and wellness

- live a life of powerful health, full of vital energy, learn techniques of self-healing, excellent nutrition, and easier ways to live an active lifestyle.

Overcoming adversity

learn solid principles to move through whatever challenge is in front of you, and grow in wisdom, character, and purpose.

Discover and follow your passion or life purpose

what can be more satisfying than living your dream? Learn how to find your passion and make a living doing it.

Overcoming addiction

You can beat an addiction that is creating chaos in your life. Learn how to do this through solid scientific principles that unlock the secrets of why we are prone to addictive behavior.

A journey into mystery:

The reuniting of scientific and spiritual thought

The first book in this series we will be looking at cutting edge scientific discoveries that are making some of the most hard-core scientists question the possibility of a spiritual realm of reality.

Below is my newest book written to help you thrive, and not just survive. 

transform your life purpose

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Train your brain for personal motivation. Transform your self-confidence to achieve your goals.

Are you ready to live a life of no-limitations? This is what this book is all about.

It all starts with awareness, motivation, and self-confidence. There are many factors that can influence these attributes, including diet, medications, life-style, mood swings and mental attitudes.

We will be looking at all of these factors in this book, yet the number one factor to improving our awareness, motivation, and self-confidence is learning to train our brain in respect to our basic mental attitudes, moods, and conditioned responses to daily stresses and events.​

Modern neuro-science is making fascinating discoveries everyday about how our brains work and how our mood swings, attitudes, and conditioned responses originate in the brain. In this book we will make a journey into understanding how we can train our brains to radically transform our lives in crucial areas of relationships, self-image, self-confidence and achieving our personal goals so you can thrive, and not just survive!.

healthy lifestyle

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How To Heal Yourself Of Disease, Lose Weight, And Live With More Energy. 

Whatever state of health you find yourself in, the good news is that if you follow the tried and true principles outlined in this book, you can lose weight, maintain a trim figure, beat your disease, and live your life with more energy.


I believe you are looking at this book because like me, you want to live a life full of health, energy, and do it in great shape. That’s how I have come to live my life, and I want the same for you.

The tips on how to heal yourself of disease, lose weight fast, and gain energy in this book will help you create the new life you want. They will make your good health, weight loss, and increased energy a permanent rather than a temporary condition.

Recent Review on Amazon:  ‘It's short, to the point and tells his information in terms that are very simple. He makes the advice in the book actually something that you feel is do-able. He makes you want to help yourself and heal yourself. The way he explains everything makes you want to do this and be successful.’

heal infection

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How To Heal Infections, Including MRSA. 

We are living in a new age of the ‘superbug’, or new virulent strains of bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics. This is a modern day phenomenon that is causing a crisis in hospital systems around the world.


I have experienced the physical drama of this crisis and the good news is that there is much medical research going on as to alternative treatments.

Today there are many medical research facilities that are now using some very effective alternative treatment options. Some What I learned in my fight against an MRSA infection is that there were a number of crucial areas that I needed to address in order to completely heal from this serious disease. This book outlines all those crucial areas with helpful references.


overcome challenges

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Adversity. How to Overcome Your Challenge And Win!

Often times when you are in the middle of adversity it is hard to get a clear picture of where you are and what you should do next.


This book outlines actions to follow to help you see your adversity from a higher point of view.  It also gives practical steps to empower you through your adversity, and into a new life of meaning and purpose.

Recent Amazon reviews: ‘An excellent book. Courtney combines what I like about textbooks (solid organization, easy activities at the end of each chapter to help cement knowledge, etc.) with an easy readability that I prefer about non-textbooks. I've read quite a bit about overcoming obstacles, and I like this one. There's a lot of good information in the book, and it's easily accessed. It's also a well edited book, with clean language throughout’

‘Another great book by Charles Courtney. Whether you have some major challenges or obstacles or simply want to learn some ways to de-stress, this book is a great read and provides some wonderful insights.’

living your passion and purpose

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Go And Do It! A Guide to Paying Your Bills By Living Your Dreams!

In today’s world with the power of the internet, globalization, and social media, it is possible to make a living outside of more traditional ideas of a career that lasts a lifetime.


By following your passion and working online you can create income streams for yourself to pay your bills. This is what this book is all about.


In this book, we will help you discover your passion, learn how to market it, create a personal brand for your market niche, develop business and marketing plans for your first 6 months, first year, and first 2 years. ​The strategies, plans and creative ideas covered will get you ready to Go And Do It!

overcoming addiction

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Addiction. How To Beat It And Win!

In this book we will look at what modern medical science can tell us about the nature of addiction, and with that knowledge we will look at the various pathways to beating a crippling addiction. 


This book is written for you to join the ranks of those who have beaten their destructive addiction to go on to live an empowered and better life.


Recent Amazon reviews: ‘This book will help you! As a long time person in recovery I very much appreciated this book. It is written intelligently and insightfully, citing many modern sources. If you are trying to get and stay sober, this will help you.’

Very instructional basic information and easy to understand. Can be used in a variety of settings. Not just for persons with addiction, useful for family and loved ones for a better understanding of addition. Reading time is quick and enjoyable. I highly recommend as a primer and for inspiration for recovery. Thank You Mr Courtney this will be very helpful in my clinical work and I will recommend it to clients.’

Are science and religion getting back together?

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Are science and religion getting back together after their divorce?

This book re-engages the dialogue between scientific and spiritual thought.


Clearly there is scope for overlap in these arenas as both modern science and spiritual thought attempt to answer the big mystery of explaining our place in the universe, and in this context, also provide a sense of the meaning and purpose of our lives.

Both modern science and spiritual thought state that reality is not as it seems, that there is a hidden reality beyond what we can see; they also point to the existence of other dimensions that have completely different laws and realities to our 3D reality; both modern science and spiritual thought now share similar ideas on the nature of our world in terms of a universe full of connection and purpose; they also share broader understandings of time than a straight-forward progression of a ticking clock, also called the arrow of time.

Australian physicists have recently sent an atomic particle through a worm hole to travel backwards in time to meet an older version of itself. Physicists have also conducted an experiment that shows an atom existing in two places at the same time. This seems the stuff of science-fiction, but is now the stuff of science-fact.

These are some of the mysteries we will be looking at in this book, mysteries that are leading many scientists to reconsider an idea that has long been dead in scientific thought—the possibility that spiritual thought may have a place to play alongside scientific thought.